Videographer for Events in Berlin

As a videographer for events in Berlin, I accompany your event. Nothing captivates more than a professionally created event video by a videographer. Captured moment in motion will always be much more emotional than photography can ever achieve. The right music and well-placed cuts create a flood of emotions. Since 2007, we have been accompanying events and creating event films. Beforehand, we discuss all the customer’s wishes and go through the details of the film to be created.

Event videographer in Berlin – Decent appearance at your event

Event videography is not yet as much of a standard as photos are, for example. Many clients ask us how noticeable a videographer is on site. The technology is getting smaller and more powerful. So we don’t come with those old school shoulder-mounted cameras that some people still have in mind. The actual camera is comparable in dimensions to a regular photography camera. Depending on the event, we sometimes film directly with mirrorless cameras. There are often a few technical extensions attached to the cameras. In total, however, everything is very discreet and not very prominent.

Our highest priority is not to disturb the event. Discreet appearance is therefore very important for us. We have to be most inconspicuous when creating a wedding video. It is therefore quite easy for us to blend in seamlessly at bustling events.

Short film of an event in Berlin by professional videographer

Especially for social media, many companies need shorter clips again and again. We can also edit your event film into a one-minute short film, for example. In this case, our videographer delivers a regular video of the event and a short film. This is also dynamically edited accordingly. After all, the followers of your Instagram account should see it to the end. This helps with the ranking of the video. If you have any special requests, feel free to let us know. We have clients from all industries and adapt our way of working, the type of editing, the music underneath, etc. to your specifications.

Cameraman for event in Berlin wanted?

A cameraman can film an event. He has a blind command of the technology and has experience of how scenes need to be captured. But that’s really all they can do. The term „videographer“ is still relatively new. The difference to the cameraman is usually not immediately clear, but is all the more serious. A videographer is the sole contact person for conception, filming and editing. In classic film, the individual phases are so complex that it takes different trades to get to the finished video. The videographer masters all these steps. This has only become possible through the technical development of the last 15 years. Today, you no longer need several people to professionally record video and sound. Today, the videographer often does it alone. Sometimes an assistant helps (depending on the scope of the job). Editing the event video also does not require complex video editing equipment, but only a laptop.

Especially compared to photography, filming is still very complex and requires a lot of experience and full concentration on the job. Nevertheless, it is often enough that only the videographer is on site. Thus, the costs are much lower than for conventional video productions.

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